Friday, April 7, 2017

Moroccan Inspired Mirrors

There is NOTHING better than a mirror to make a room feel bigger and bring in more light.  Hang them across from a window and you've doubled your visual real estate!  In my effort to use up my stash of wood laser cut frames I got at the 99c store a few weeks ago, I designed these delicate Moroccan mirrors.  They were surprisingly easy to make considering how intricate they look.   I painted them in the new colorful metallics from DecoArt called Extreme Sheen, and wow do they shimmer.  Remember to mash up your styles, hit the 99c store for fun craft supplies that won't break the bank and always Make Your Mark!
My lovely trio

A sneak peek of my newly upholstered sofa!
Watch how they come together here!
DecoArt Extreme Sheen
99c Store Mirrors
Copies of the frames
E-6000 Glue
Bandsaw, Small Dremel or Jigsaw
1. & 2.  Copy the wood frames onto paper and cut out pieces to create your mirror design
*These pieces will be your cut pattern for the actual wood frames
3. Carefully mark where you'll cut the frames
4.  Using a fine blade on a bandsaw or jigsaw, carefully cut out each piece
5.  Protect the mirror with newspaper
6. & 7.  Paint the mirror frame and cut wood pieces with Extreme Sheen
8. Glue the pieces to the mirror and let dry
9. Touch up as needed
 Extreme Sheen comes in tons of different metallic colors.....I couldn't decide!