Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Unicorn SPiT Pillows

Did you know that you can dye fabric with Unicorn SPiT?  Well, you can!  It's easy and soooooo much less messy than traditional fabric dyes.  The colors are beautiful and vibrant, too!  There are several methods used on these pillows, but my favorite was the plastic bag method, which I'm sharing below.  Have fun!  Make summer pillows! Oh, and always Make Your Mark!

 For this pillow I painted stripes on moistened cotton fabric....Easy!
A little plastic bag and you're ready to "print" your fabric for this version!
Watch how I did it here!
Cotton fabric
Sewing machine
Plastic bags
Spray bottle and salt
Straight pins
1.  Tape a plastic bag flat to a paper protected table making sure that the plastic is bigger than the fabric you're colorizing
2.  Squirt lines of Unicorn SPiT about 4" apart on the plastic
3.  Smoosh the lines together with your finger starting from light color to dark
 *I wore gloves for this
4. & 5. Moisten your cotton fabric (I used a piece that was 20" x 20") with a spray bottle and carefully place it on the plastic bag
6.  Take another piece of paper and place it on top of the fabric and press down so that the Unicorn SPiT prints on the fabric
7.  Remove the fabric and sprinkle salt on it
*When the salt dries it will give it a dotted, dappled look
8.  When the fabric is dry, seal the Unicorn SPiT with Minwax Acrylic Lacquer
9.  Pin a piece of same size fabric on top of the colorized fabric marking off a 5" area which will not be sewn
10.  Stitch around the edges using a 1/2" seam allowance
11.  Flip the pillow inside out through the 5" hole and stuff with Poly-fil
12.  Pin and hand stitch the hole closed

Summer fun


  1. This is so cool. I am definitely going to be trying this.

  2. Love your pillows !!! How do you remove the salt before sealing and is the fabric washable after painting and sealing ?? Thanks