Friday, October 27, 2017

Alice in Wonderland Garden Plates

I'm a huge fan of MacKenzie Childs, the amazing ceramics and hand painted furniture makers from upstate New York.  When I saw the collection of enamel botanical plates, I was immediately inspired to create a set with my own favorite vintage floral images.  Instead of using a black and white checkerboard accent, I opted for a distressed harlequin.  For some reason these plates remind me of Alice in Wonderland, so that's what I called them.  Order up some wood plates from Walnut Hollow, print out my images here, and you can have a set of amazing chargers for years to come!  Remember to make your dinner table amazing and always Make Your Mark!
 I can't wait to host a dinner with these!
 I love the mix of prints!
Table set for four!
Watch how I made them here! 
Americana Acrylic Paint
Spray bottle with water
1.  Paint the plates front and back and let dry
2.  Carefully cut out your prints
3. & 4.  Trace the curved edge on each piece and cut
5.  Match the curved edges of the cutouts to the edge of each plate and crease the cutout along the center rim of the plate
6.  Clip the cutout up to the crease leaving the rim of the plate in tact
7. Mist the cut outs front and back
8. & 9. Spread Americana Decoupage on the back of the moist image and adhere to the plate
10.  Once you have your plate the way you want it, carefully draw a gold rim around the edge with a metallic paint marker
11.  Coat each plate with Dura Clear Gloss Varnish and let dry
12.  Serve up some dinner!

I think Alice would approve!