Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Magazine Art Journals

For years I've been subscribing to a very expensive magazine called The World of Interiors.  I rarely splurge on things like this, but I'm addicted to this magazine and I have STACKS AND STACKS of them!  It has wonderful, inspiring photos and thick, gorgeous, glossy pages.  When it's time to declutter, I save my favorite issues and turn the rest into art journals.  For some reason because these art journals are recycled, I feel more at ease going CRAZY in them.  I fill them with tons of color, experiment with all kinds of paint techniques and have no guilt about "wasting" pages.  It's liberating!  I thought you might want to know how I make them so here it is.  Remember to find ways to re-use and recycle and to always MAKE YOUR MARK!
Just a few of my journals

Americana Acrylics are the best because they're matte and don't cause the pages to stick together!
Watch how to make them here! 
Magazines with thick paper (National Geographic works, too)
Citri Solv (Natural Cleaner)
1. & 2.  Mark and cut your magazine in half with a band saw
*I prefer a band saw to a jigsaw because it's easier to control the magazine
3. & 4.  Drill holes at the binding 1" from each edge and then thread and tie ribbon in a bow or knot
*This keeps the pages from falling out
5.  Coat each page in Citri Solv to dissolve the ink a little
6.  While wet, close the journal and let sit for about 20 minutes
*When you open the journal your pages will look mottled and marbled!
7. When the pages are dry I like to stamp them with Art Foamies using Americana Acrylic Paints
*Americana Acrylics dry matte so they're perfect for glossy pages (no stick)
8. & 9. I create ombre effects by blending paint on the Stamp Buddy and then carefully pressing my Art Foamies into the mixture
10. Next I embellish the pages any way I want
11. & 12.  Go crazy with different Art Foamies designs and paint away!

Don't forget to paint your covers, too.

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