Friday, September 29, 2017

Card Catalog Ikea Hack

Like many of you, I'm obsessed with card catalogs.  When I see them on Pinterest my heart races and I'm filled with disappointment that I have never, ever found one for sale in my area that wasn't already snatched up!  I decided to take matters into my own hands and create the illusion of those endless yummy little drawers with the help of Walnut Hollow and some inexpensive Ikea dressers.  I even found a way to separate the drawers.....well sort of!  Remember, if you can find it, find a way to create it.  One more thing, always Make Your Mark!
 Already filled to the rim!
 I liked the vintage green over the hunter

Watch how I put them together here!
Ikea Rast Dresser (though any dresser will do)
1.  Assemble your Ikea Rast dresser
2.  & 3.  Paint and wipe the Walnut Hollow Square Promo Plaques & outer shell of the dresser with the Light Green Vintage Effects Wash
4. - 6.  Measure, cut and glue the rustic rectangle boards to create dividers inside of each drawer
7.  Paint the drawer front and sides with Vintage Effect Wash in Hunter Green
8. Measure and glue the square promo plaques on the drawer fronts, three on each drawer
9.  Screw on the label holders/pull handles on each square


  1. Hallo Mark, what a wonderful job you did with such a common furniture. Congratulations!

  2. I love this creation. You are so very inspiring.
    I just need time, and secretaries, and a cook
    Thank you for sharing your creativity