Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Upholstered Bench Build From A-Z

As fluffy as my behind is, I still like a nice padded bench to sit on when I'm dining outside on my patio!  These benches are the perfect addition to my outdoor seating to make everyone feel like they're sitting on a cloud.  I picked up the outdoor fabric at JoAnn's and then picked the orange and vintage green paint to match once I could see it in the light.  Since my patio table is an odd size, it was easy to customize this bench design to fit perfectly.  Also, each bench only requires 4 pieces of 
1" x 12" pine board, so I decided to make two of them.  Remember, if you can't find it, 
figure out a way to make it.  Oh, and always MAKE YOUR MARK!
 I love mixing patterns
The ombre stencil on the sides added just the right touch
Now everyone is super comfy when we're eating outside!
Watch how to make it here!
Pine Board 
2 - 1''x12''x17''
1 - 1''x12''x44''
1 - 1''x12''x48''
Hammer & Nails
Staple Gun
1. & 2. Using Amazing Goop II Max, glue a 17" board to the side of the 44" board
3. & 4.  Measure down the center of the 17" board (for nail placement) and nail to the 44" board
5. & 6.  Repeat on the other side to create the bench base
7. & 8.  Add more Goop II Max across the top of the bench and then center the 48" board on top
9. & 10.  Mark along the center of the board (for nail placement) and then 
nail the top of the bench in place
11. Paint the base of the bench (not the seat) with Vintage Effects in Orange
*Wipe away the excess to show off the grain of the wood
12.  Dry brush Vintage Effects in White on the base of the bench to give it a weathered look
13. -15.  Tape your stencil in place and with a cosmetic sponge, paint the outside of the stencil with Americana Outdoor Living in Adirondack and the inside of the stencil in Harvest
*Blend the colors where they meet to give an ombre effect

16. & 17.  Place the bench face down on the batting, trace around it with a marker and then cut it with a craft knife
18. & 19.  Squirt E-6000 Fabri-Fuse on the top of the bench and then glue the foam in place
20.  Cut a piece of batting large enough to go over the foam and extend 1" on the underside all the way around
21. & 22.  Staple the batting in place around the foam on the underside of the bench seat
23.  Cut fabric so that it fits over the foam and extends on the underside about 2" and then pin it in place on the top of the bench so it doesn't shift
24. & 25.  Fold the raw edge of the fabric under and staple all the way around the 
underside of the bench
26.  Staple down the fabric along the base of the seat all the way around the bench
27. - 29.  Add a generous line of E-6000 Fabri-Fuse all along the base of the bench seat, then glue & pin the trim in place until it dries
30.  Done!
 Pretty and comfortable!
My new favorite place to sit and paint on the patio!

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