Friday, September 1, 2017

Painted Love Stones

Like everyone else in the world these days, I can't stop painting rocks!  I love painting them dark colors first (like black and navy) and then adding as many colors as possible.  These were painted with a simple round brush technique that once you learn, you'll be using on everything.   Remember to have some fun this weekend and paint some rocks with your family!  
Oh, and always Make Your Mark!
I love mixing tons of different colors together!
 A simple message on the back to make someone's day

Watch how to paint them here!
Americana Acrylics
Smooth river stones
Americana DuraClear Gloss Varnish
Set of round brushes
1.  Base coat your rocks with Lamp Black or Midnight Blue
2.  Paint 3 thin lines in white for stems
3.  Create petals with a #12 round with the tip of the brush touching the stem
4. With a #9 round brush, paint over the white petals with several different colors using the same technique
5.  Add a third color over the petals with a #6 round brush
6.  Paint leaves at the base using the #9 again
7.  Using the end of the paintbrush, accent with rows of dots
8.  Pencil and paint an encouraging word on the back of your stone
9.  Protect your work with a layer if Americana DuraClear 
*Now give them to someone you love!


  1. Beautiful, simple and a loving use of natural materials. Thank you Mark. I also love the wood beads! Mary M

    1. Thanks so much Mary! I'm having fun this summer, for sure!