Friday, September 22, 2017

Blue and White Jar Makeover

I'm a huge fan of everything blue and white!  I have pieces from all over the world and from every different time period.  Blue and white porcelain first became popular in China in the 14th century, but there are many pieces that predate that.  After the printing techniques were discovered in the 18th century, blue and white became extremely popular all over Europe and America with popular patterns like Blue Willow, which I have been collecting most of my life.  Yes, I was an old lady at birth!  Because I love it so much, I thought it might be fun to make some of my own with a few bottles, jars and vases I had cluttering up my cabinets.  I also gave a Jack Daniels bottle a sweet makeover, too!  This project was almost as fun as finishing off that JD, btw!  Remember to recycle your old items for DIY projects and always Make Your Mark! 
They look lovely filled with branches from my trees
A collection of my new pieces
Why not make a set for your bathroom?
Copies of Blue and White patterns from the internet
Glass vases and jars
Small wood knobs
 Watch how to make them here!



  1. Seriously lovely jars! Do you use laser printouts? If I use inkjet printouts will they smear? Do I need to varnish these?

    1. Laser is always best but for some reason, my home printer does not run for some reason so I use it quite a bit. Varnish is always good. I use DecoArt DuraClear in Gloss. It's great stuff.