Friday, September 8, 2017

Unicorn Paper

  Seems Unicorn SPiT is quite magical....Not only is it amazing on furniture and fabric, you can dye paper with it!  How cool is that?!  I needed a funky lampshade to jazz up my living room and could NOT for the life of me find something that worked.  When I saw the brilliant colored dyed pages, my new lampshades were born!  While I was at it,  I also decoupaged a little mirror that needed some spice AND stitched up some envelopes for future birthday wishes.  SO much you can do with beautiful much!  Remember to dye everything beautiful colors, experiment with 
Unicorn SPiT and always Make Your Mark!
Giving colorful shade!
Just as beautiful with during the day!
Piles and piles of new dyed papers!
Watch how I did it here!
Book pages
Spray bottles
Sewing machine
Lampshade and Mirror
1. & 2.  Mix 50% water and 50% Unicorn SPiT in a spray bottle
3. & 4.  Lay out your papers and spray them different colors while they're dry
5.  Wet them with a water bottle to allow the colors to blend and soak into the paper
6. & 7.  When the paper is dry, fold it into a small square and then dip it in clean water
8.  Pour some diluted Unicorn SPiT into a shallow bowl and dip the edges of your fold into the SPiT allowing it to soak in a bit
9.  Carefully unfold the pages and set them flat to dry
10. - 12. Using Americana Decoupage, adhere your pages around a paper lampshade and trim the excess with a craft knife when it is completely dry
13.  Cut the dyed paper into squares and adhere them to the frame of a mirror with more decoupage
14. & 15. Cut a flap at one end of the paper, fold and stitch the sides to make envelopes
 To dye for!
Magical Unicorn Paper

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