Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Fashion Drawing Made Easy

Many of you know I was a fashion designer for most of my career.  I loved it, but working with fabric just wasn't enough for me.  I wanted to work with wood, paper, paint, glitter, and whatever else I could get my hands on.  Even though I left fashion long ago, I still sketch dresses whenever I have some down time.  Today I thought I'd share with you just how easy fashion sketching is if you have a croqui and some good supplies.  I'm using Marabu's Graphix Aqua Pens which turn into watercolor if you wet them.  This is a terrific way to get an awesome fashion illustration worthy of your wall!  To start, you'll want to print out my fashion croqui below.  This croqui is the key to a terrific sketch every time!  A little practice and you'll be the next Valentino or Chanel, I just know it!  Remember, practice makes perfect and never forget to Make Your Mark!
 A few framed sketches!  LIKE the Marabue FB page and you're entered to win one!
Ready to frame!

Watch how easy it is to fashion sketch here!
Watercolor paper
Round brushes
Sewing pattern paper
Dollar store frames
1. - 3.  Place watercolor paper over the croqui and with pencil, sketch your dream dress using the body as a guide
*Look at fashion magazines to see how fabric falls if you're stuck
4. & 5.  Fill in the dress with the Graphix Aqua Pens leaving lots of white space and concentrating on the creases and outline
6.  Using a clean brush with water, spread the lines inward to color the sketch
7. - 9.  Repeat on the 2nd dress and hair
10.  Add details on the face like eye shadow and lipstick
11.  Trace over the pencil lines with a black Graphix Fine Liner
12. Cut an old sewing pattern into 3" x 4" pieces
13.  Decoupage on the frame back with Americana Decoupage
14. & 15.  Cut and glue a measuring tape around the edge on top of the decoupage pattern paper
16.  Tape your fashion sketch in the middle and snap the frame together
Print out on 8 1/2" x 11" copy paper

Make sure to LIKE the Marabu FB to be entered to win an original sketch!


  1. lov,,,e loveeeee this project ....! thank you..!!,,,

  2. Love how you framed your designs I should try it with one of mine.. you rock Mark!

  3. thanks again for all your talents - looking forward to working with you more!! xoxo

  4. love this thank you for sharing such a great idea