Friday, January 5, 2018

Big Blue Marble Table

I'm all about happy accidents.  For example, THIS TABLE!  Originally I was trying for the granite effect made popular by the inventor of Unicorn SPiT, Michelle Nicole.  I failed miserably!  Not sure what went wrong, but I'm pretty happy with the results anyway.  Just goes to show you that sometimes you just have to take what you get and sometimes what you get is just lovely!  Remember to experiment without fear and to always Make Your Mark!
My Big Blue Marble coffee table!
It reminds me of the earth
  Stacked with my yummy treasures
Watch how to make it here!
Spray bottles
Thrift store table
1.  Mix 1 part Unicorn SPiT to 4 parts water in a spray bottle
*I used Dragon's Belly, Blue Thunder, Zia Teal & White Ning for this table
2.  Spray streaks of Blue Thunder on the table
3.  Spray streaks of Dragon's Belly across the table
4. & 5.  Next spray Zia Teal and finally White Ning
6.  Without moving the table, let the colors blend and dry overnight
7.  Carefully flip the table top, clean the drips and then spray paint the back gold
*The gold with peek through where the Unicorn SPiT separated on the glass
8.  Prepare the Glaze Coat (I used one 1-pint box for this table)
9. & 10.  Elevate the table about 1" on some wood blocks, evenly pour out the Glaze Coat and spread it with a sponge brush
11.  Pop the bubbles with a small torch or long arm lighter, cover and let cure overnight
12.  Spray the table base in a matching color and start redecorating your living room!
The world in my living room!

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  1. I think the table turned out neat! By the way, birthday wishes to you, fellow Capricorn. Mine was Wednesday, and I know your birthday is sometime around this week, too!