Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Boho Lampshade Makeovers

I live in Los Angeles and even though we don't get snow, we still get cloudy, gloomy days that make me long for sunshine.  I think that's why I love color so much.  It just makes me happy!  On a recent trip to the thrift store, I found these 4 lamps (with shades) for $20.  This "thrift-score" turned out to be the PERFECT project to brighten up my rooms with color and some extra light.  After scrounging around for fabrics to recover the shades, I soon realized I would have to paint them myself to get the colors I wanted.  I whipped out my Gel Press and got the most beautiful combinations going.  There is always a way to create just what you need!  Happy Tuesday and don't forget to Make Your Mark!
 The boho sisters!
Family portrait
On the back patio waiting for their new homes
Watch how I made them here!
Glue Gun
White Cotton Fabric
1.  Squeeze out 3 colors of Americana Multi Surface Satin paint on your Gel Press
2.  Roll and blend the edges
3.  Press the fabric on top and gently pull from the Gel Press
4. & 5. Try stripes and different color combinations
6.  Spread a contrasting paint on the Gel Press and add Gold Extreme Sheen for extra luster
7. Place your stencil on the Gel Press and some paper over any exposed part of the Gel Press that might have paint on it
*We want the stencil transfer to be perfectly clean
8.  Press your fabric on top of the stencil making sure to get every detail
*Don't use a brayer as it might shift the fabric
9.  Carefully pull the fabric to reveal your perfect stencil
10. & 11.  Trace a section of your lampshade on cotton fabric to create your pattern
*Pin it on the fabric and go over the edges with a crayon
12.  Use this to cut out your lampshade panels
13.  Remove all of the bulky trim for the lampshades leaving only the fabric
14.  Carefully glue the panels on top of the existing fabric on each shade
15.  Hot glue trim to cover the raw edges
16. Use beaded and tassel trim on the top and bottom once you've covered the sides
Let there be light!

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