Tuesday, January 30, 2018

No Sew Boho Ottoman DIY

Because I live in a small house, I get bored with my decor quite easily.  Since I can't switch out my sofas and chairs (like Oprah) I have to settle for small things like a coffee table or throw pillows to change things up a bit.  This week I decided to switch out my big coffee table and toss in an ottoman to double as seating in a pinch.  I was able to customize it to the exact size I wanted AND pick out a fabric I loved, too.  You can't beat that with a stick!  Remember, if you dream it, you can MAKE it! Also, if you can make it, you can certainly Make Your Mark!  Have fun and write if you have any questions.  I'm always around.
 My new centerpiece...At least for now
A coffee table you can sit on, too!
This ribbon detail was all E-6000 glue and some clever pinning!
Watch how to make this here!
Wood Measurements: 
2 pieces pine board: 1''x12''x24''
2 pieces pine board: 1''x12''x22 1/2
2 pieces 1/2" thick plywood: 24''x24''
Glue gun
Hammer and nails
Matching Trim and ribbon
1. Nail the 1" x 12" pine boards into a 24" x 24" square
2.  Nail the 24" x 24" plywood on the top and bottom
3. & 4. Measure, cut and glue the 3" foam on top of the box
5.  Cut a piece of high loft batting to go up one side, across the top and down the other side and then staple in place around the base and up the sides
6.  Cut another piece of batting to cover the remaining sides, doubling the batting across the top of the ottoman and stapling in place on the base and up the sides
7.  Flip the ottoman and secure the batting all the way around the base, folding in the corners to keep it neat
8. Pin the fabric over the top of the ottoman to keep it in place
9. Flip the ottoman and staple the fabric to the base making sure to pull taut as you go and stapling up to, but not exactly to each corner
10.  Fold the excess fabric like you are wrapping a present and staple it across the bottom of the ottoman and then secure each corner with more staples
11.  Optional:  Glue a piece of fabric (about 23" x 23") to the base of the ottoman to cover the staples and raw edges
12.  Screw in the furniture legs on each corner
13. - 15.  Pin, iron and glue ribbon in a square across the top of the ottoman
16.  Glue ribbon and fringe along the base of the ottoman with more E-6000 Fabri-Fuse and pin in place until dry
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  1. Mark, make a second and use as storage under the top. You can afix rope handles at the bottom of the ottoman to lift it up to get the stuff underneath.

    1. I'm definitely going to do that Dona! Thanks for the idea!