Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Black Light Neon Spin Art DIY

When I was a kid I REALLY wanted a black light but my parents thought it would ruin my eyes...Not sure where they got that idea, but once they said "NO", that was that.  Well, guess what mom!  I have 2 black lights now and they're awesome...Especially when I use the new BLACK LIGHT NEON PAINTS from DecoArt!  Honestly, I didn't know what to do with these paints since my black light phase, well, phased out a loooooonnng time ago.  But, once I started toying around with my homemade spin art machine, it came to me.  Even without UV light this paint is fantastically neon and it's even more amazing under UV light!  Get your 70s groove on, my fab friends, 
and don't forget to MAKE YOUR MARK!
Photographed under a black light! 
DecoArt Black Light Neon Paints: Coolest Black Light: Black Canvas Boards:

Watch how to make this funky art here!
OR watch it on YouTube HERE!
You spin me right round baby!


  1. Mark, you are the best. I spent more than an hour here watching your videos and admiring your creative ideas. You are very talented! I am your new follower! Hugs from Greece.

  2. Neos in Greek means "new gas". Neon lighting came into existence after the invention of traditional electric bulbs & lighting. In the beginning, neon was available only in red color. Later on, other colors came into prominence. As on date, there are 150 vibrant colors that can be used in Custom Neon Signs

  3. Not sure if you know this, Neon was discovered nearly 100 years go in London by William Ramsay and Morris Travers . The gas which gave a red light was named “neon”, the Greek analogue of the Latin novum (‘new’), suggested by Ramsay’s son. In the past few years, LED was introduced to the neon sign market and is more and more used in LED Neon Signs. It's faux neon but the traditional neon light with neon gas is still growing strong.