Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Secret Bottle Boxes - Upcycled DIY

I love to hide things. In fact, I'm still finding crap that I put in a "safe place" from years ago!  If you like to hide things, too, these secret bottle boxes might just be the ticket.  You all know I've been tinkering around with my bottle cutter for over a year now and I really enjoy figuring out fun things to make.  This was a great way to use the entire bottle for a project and then try out some simple mixed media techniques.  You could fill them with change, wishes, journal entries, or an extra set of car keys and no one would know that they're actually boxes!  Think outside the box, my amazing friends, and don't forget to MAKE YOUR MARK!

Watch how to make them here!

Images I used.  Just drag to your desktop and print to size!

Wishes, secrets and memories