Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Easiest Paper Beads - Upcycled DIY

I STILL get a phone book every 6 months and when I see it on my doorstep, it's like being zapped back in time!  Still, I immediately grab it because I love making stuff with the thin, translucent paper!  These paper beads could easily be made with newspaper, too, but a phone book just seemed so much fun and I had one on hand.  By using several coats of paint, starting with black, you can get an amazing raw turquoise look.  Add a little Triple Thick Gloss Glaze from DecoArt and you'll have a strand of beads worthy of a chic gallery opening!  Like I always say,  use what you have
and always Make Your Mark!
I'm moving to Florida so I can wear these with a huge caftan!
Paint them any color...add gold flakes!
Americana Acrylics: Triple Thick Gloss Glaze:
Watch how to make them here!

Giving these a strand-ing ovation!

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