Monday, August 3, 2020

Fancy Canister DIY - Upcycled Jar Makeover

The rule in my house is give everything gets 2nd life!  Jars, cans, newspaper, cardboard & plastic containers never end up in the garbage UNLESS they truly can't be repurposed.  I have tons of these Nescafe instant coffee jars and they are my absolute favorite to makeover.  A little tissue paper for color and some images printed on your computer will give you an amazing set of mini canisters to show off in your space.   Currently these are on my kitchen counter waiting to be filled, but I have a feeling they'll end up in my craft house.  Rescue those craft supplies headed for the garbage bin and you'll never be bored, my sweet friends!  Oh, and always Make Your Mark!
Love these so much!
Big plastic beads make the perfect knobs!
Everything I used for this project:
Xyron Creative Station: E6000 Spray Adhesive: E6000 Glue: My favorite molds: Images I used:
Watch how to make them here OR
Watch on YouTube here:
Hot glue is malleable so you can easily shape it to the curve or bend of a jar!

Do the Can - Can - Canister!

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