Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Have you thought about............

Amazing pattern on pattern dining room.
 This is something you want to do in a room that has tons of light.  Pattern on pattern, dark woods, and check out the plates lined across the top of the room.  Wonderful!  I'm a fan of over the top rooms with lots going on.  

HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT.......wallpapering your door with an amazing pattern?
What about lining the upper part of your dining room or kitchen walls with plates?
Might be a good time to hit the flea markets!

I love that every square inch of the wall space is covered with art in this room and that the tables are low.  Next time you hit a yard sale, look for old drawings someone did in a life class.  I've found stacks of them many times!

HAVE YOU THOUGHT ABOUT............filling every square inch of a wall with artwork?  
What about very low tables and super huge lamps?

Now get out there and get creative with your space!


  1. Never thought about it but think it looks awesome! Thanks for another great blog post :)

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B

  2. I would never have thought to do it but it's gorgeous! {I sent out my last Big Ass postcard! I may need to get some more from you at the So Cal Social!}

  3. Hey Mark just found you from Creating the Hive. Nice to meet another Etsian and you are the second male blogger I follow. The other is TartanScot. Nice to get some new perspective on design and crafting. Look forward to reading more.