Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cast Planter Candle Holder..........Gotta love it!

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 Do you realize how many cool things you have around your house that make terrific molds for plaster?  Halloween masks, funky dishes, plastic planters, even old toys and doll heads.  If you can fill it with plaster, chances are you’ll come up with something pretty cool.  These candle holders have a great architectural feel to them, kind of like they were salvaged from an old building and found in a pile of bricks.  In fact, a quick trip to the 99c store was where I found these fantastic plastic planters.  Now start digging through your stuff and let’s get casting!

Plastic planters from the hardware or 99c store
Cooking spray
1 bag of plaster of Paris
4 small glass votive holders 
Off white latex paint
Metallic gold latex paint
Sticky felt for the bottom
1.        Determine how much plaster you’ll need for your mold. A 10 lb. bag of plaster of Paris will serve you well for several craft projects and it’s more economical to buy it in bulk than to buy smaller amounts.
2.        Spray your planter on the inside and your glass votive holders on the outside with the cooking spray.  *This will help it the plaster slip out easily after it’s dry.
3.        Mix your plaster of Paris in a large container and pour it in your mold.
4.        Tap the mold with a spoon on the sides or tap it on the table to get out all of the bubbles.
5.        While the plaster is still wet, you will set in your glass votive holders about 1” down in the plaster and let them stay there until the plaster is dry.
6.        When dry, twist out the votive holders, turn your planter over and tap out the plaster cast.
7.        Let dry a bit longer, I’d say at least another hour before you paint.
8.        When the cast candle holder is completely dry sand it to get off the rough edges.
9.        Paint it with the off white latex paint.
10.     When the off white paint is dry, then put some gold paint on one of your rags and rub the edges of the plaster to give it an antique look. *If you get too much gold on it, go over it again with the white until you’ve achieved your desired effect.
11.     Fill with votives decorate your table and you’re done.

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