Monday, September 19, 2011

Skull Pillow DIY!

Picture 4 
If you love a bit of the macabre all year long then these skull pillows are perfect for your home decor.  I have them in my kitchen in NYC all year long and they look fantastic with my Mexican art and colorful walls.  However, just having a few around for Halloween can be fun, too. 
1 yard white canvas fabric
Black satin or black canvas fabric. You could use Ultrasuede, too.
Sewing machine
Black thread
White thread
Pillow stuffing
Straight pins
Skull pattern
Here's the pattern to help you out! 
Step 1 
STEP 1: Cut out 2 layers of your pillow shape in white
STEP 2: Cut out 1 skull in black satin, canvas or whatever fabric you chose.
STEP 3: Pin the skull to the white canvas, carefully centering it. 
Step 2  
STEP 4: Zigzag stitch around the all of the edges, eyes, mouth and nose of the skull. 
Step 3  
STEP 5: Pin the two sides of the pillow with right sides together and stitch around with 1/2 inch seam allowance leaving a 5 inch hole.  This will be the hole to stuff your pillow. 
Step 4 
STEP 6: Turn the pillow inside out and stuff with the pillow stuffing. 
Step 5  
STEP 7: Stitch up the hole by hand with needle and thread using the white thread.
Now that was easy, wasn't it!  

This Skull Pillow is from The Big Ass Book of Crafts Volume 1.  Between Volume 1 and 2 there are over 300 projects!

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  1. That's a great project! Makes me even more anxious for Halloween. I love to decorate for it. Thanks for sharing, Mark.