Wednesday, November 9, 2011

99C STORE: Silver Antique Mirror

I challenge myself recently to invent a way to make a silver leafed mirror without the cost and trouble of actually silver leafing something.  I got this round mirror at the 99c store to experiment but then quickly realized that this was the PERFECT mirror for a project like this.  So here you are my creative friends.  My 99c store Silver Antique Mirror!
Today it's also featured on Plaid Crafts site.

1 cheap mirror with frame (99c store)
1 roll of aluminum tape (also purchased at the 99c store in the hardware aisle)
Folk Art Metallic Gold acrylic paint
Folk Art Leaf Green 447 acrylic paint
1 can of Silver Metallic Krylon Spray paint
Rag or paper towels
Two 3” wide by 30” long strips of green organza OR 30” of wide matching ribbon.
Hot glue gun

1.    Take the mirror out of the frame.
2.    Cut your aluminum tape in small pieces and start taping them around your mirror frame.  Don’t worry if you get creases, you want creases!
3.    When your entire frame is covered rub it with a rag to make sure the tape is sticking everywhere and shows the shape of the frame perfectly.
4.    Dab your paper towel or rag in some green paint and rub it along the frame so that it catches in the creases.  Rub most of the paint off only leaving hints of it here and there.
5.    When dry, repeat the process with the gold metallic paint until you get the desired effect.
6.    While that is drying, lightly dust the edges of your actual mirror with the silver Krylon Metallic spray paint.  Do this right on top of the mirror to give it an antique aged feel.
7.    When everything is dry, replace the mirror in the frame.  I like to hot glue my mirrors in their frames (especially cheaper frames) so they are more sturdy.
8.    Tie a bow in your ribbon or organza and hot glue it to the back of your mirror to hang.
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  1. I just love this mirror project. It looks fabulous.

  2. Mark, this looks amazing! I did clay pot Christmas Tree in that color combo last year. It was giving to my sister in law.

  3. Such a fantastic post for those Dollar Store finds!

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