Monday, November 7, 2011


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I don’t usually pick favorites, but I have to say that this just may be my favorite project in
THE BIG ASS BOOK OF HOME DECOR.  It’s beautiful, easy to make and if I do say so myself, it was a stroke of crafty heaven when it finally came together.

6 clear plastic plate holders.  *I got mine at the 99C store.
Household Goop Glue or E-6000
6” socket and cord set
Small bulb for your socket and cord set
Office tape
Dremel Tool with grinding attachment (standard with Dremel)

1.         Unfold 3 of your plate holders and arrange them equally on your table on a large piece of newspaper.
2.         Carefully mark on the newspaper where each of the legs touch the newspaper because this will be your guide.
3.         Tape your 3 pieces together and then take your socket with your bulb screwed in and figure out how much space you will need to create for them on the inside of your chandelier once it’s finished.  Because the 6” socket set is so small, you probably won’t need to create much room.
4.         With your Dremel, grind out enough space for your bulb and socket.  Do this on each of your 6 pieces.  *Now I know this sounds difficult, but it’s not.  Just take your time and grind baby!  Make sure to grind out enough room so that you can wiggle out your bulb and change it when it’s time.

5.         Using the guide you created on the newspaper, glue your 3 pieces together. *The hinges are where mine fit together beautifully.
6.         When those 3 pieces are dry, glue the other 3 pieces together the same way.
7.         When you have your 2 sets of 3 pieces dry, carefully slip in your socket with bulb and glue all 6 pieces together feet to feet.
8.         With a dab of glue take your cord and attach it to the crease in the chandelier so that you can hang it from a hook.
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  1. This is so fun! I want to make several of them, then make a club house for them! I want to hit up my dollar store right now!

    Is there a reason you are using Household Goop glue instead of E-6000?

  2. Love all of your crafting ideas, ,aking the sewing basket from BABOC#1 now, I think this ma be next on my list. Bookmqrking page until I win book #2

  3. OH! I'm seeing glitter and making it look like a snow flake for Christmas!! Cool idea!

  4. SHUT UP. I can't believe that thing! It looks straight up Jonathan Adler. To think I can make from the dollar store! Actually, there is a cemetery store down the road (no joke)...they have jumbo racks for wreaths that would do nicely. I might need to research!

  5. This is so freaking awesome. I have a pendant kit from IKEA that I haven't used yet, so I have to keep my eye open for some acrylic plate stands. LOVE!