Monday, November 28, 2011

BARBIE GETS CRAFTY........With Mark!

Not long ago Mattel asked me to design a special Barbie Dream House.  After it heads to headquarters tomorrow to be photographed, the prototype will then be auctioned to raise money for Project Angel Food in early December. I couldn't be happier.
Yesterday I took the dream house outside to see if I could get some good photos before I send it off. Here you go!
This house is filled with things made from my various craft books.  For example, the Rope Side Table and the Harlequin Table are both from THE BIG ASS BOOK OF CRAFTS.
Also pictured here is the Glitter Blasted Sofa and Sunburst Mirror, a Frida Kahlo, hand painted Calder, Fornasetti and Damian Hirst spin art painting.
The wallpaper is hand printed and the gold striped lamp and corner lamp both work.
Detail of a floor vase filled with branches and flowers.

The bedroom features a Domino Side Table and two Andy Warhol lithographs along with paper lanterns and hand printed wallpaper.  Originally the bedding had tons of black lace, but it was just too dark for the room.
These lounge chairs are made from 2" wide striped ribbon and chopsticks.  I sewed the canopy from thin white cotton canvas and lined the edges with ribbon and accented it with tiny buttons.
The kitchen features Glitter Blasted table and chairs, a Paint Chip Painting (from THE BIG ASS BOOK OF CRAFTS) and hand printed wallpaper.  The sisal rugs are made from a Chinese mat and 1/4" ribbon.
I kept the bathroom very simple.  Though the rug took me forever to make.  It's rick-rack twisted together and then sewn in a circle.  The wall paper is made from tiny book pages (because you know I love to cover things in book pages).
More professional photos to follow. This is just a sneak peek for my friends. 


  1. WICKED COOL! I would live here in a heart beat! This is just a ma zing.

    (Avalon will be calling you for a room decor consultation later...)


  2. I love it Mark! The bathroom looks great! I love all the little details. Any little girl would love this as her Barbie house. :)

  3. Mark, I have just loved the posts about this Dream House. Having had one as a child it brought back wonderful memories. I had the strangest dream last night and I ran into you in NYC. Maybe your creative mojo would rub off :D

    In regards to the bathroom, don't change a thing. I love the veranda and would love to be sitting outside with a cocktail and a good book :)

    Thanks for all your amazing posts!

    Happy Scrappin'

    Sue B

  4. So fantastic, and I bet this was one super fun project to work on! I don't know how you had the patience to make all those mini projects!! Love it!

  5. Mark, I do believe Barbie will be moving uptown with that new house!! I love the glitter blast from Krylon! I've used it on some Christmas ornaments etc. and it is the most wonderful glitter, ever.

  6. Love, love, love the dollhouse.As a lifelong miniaturist, artist, and crafter, it is very creative and I am sure Mattel will LOVE it!

  7. Move over Barbie! I'm movin' in!

  8. This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Love the wall paper in the kitchen. How did you make that shower door. This truly is amazing. Mattel will love it.

  9. Amazing, can't wait to see more photos!

  10. That is so amazing! I think a doll furniture book should be your next prpject!!

  11. I have never been a fan of barbie, but heck, now I want to be her so I live in this house, it is FABBY.

  12. I'm dying right now! I would've killed if my Barbie house was anything like this growing up! So completely original just like you! Besides of course swooning over the hot pink chairs I'm totally obsessing over the big-ass minis! Mark - you freaking rock!

  13. Love this. Can't wait to receive my prize bundle so I can get started.