Monday, November 14, 2011


 My friend Peter has a huge clock in his kitchen with a collage of his friends.  It was my inspiration for this  very large wall clock.  Sending special thanks to all of my friends for their endless inspiration today.

Plastic box frame that is 18”x24”
Image that is enlarged to 18”x24”
Florescent orange Krylon spray paint
Contact paper
Scissors *FISKARS make the best scissors 
(and their Teflon blade is perfect for cutting sticky stuff!)
Craft knife
Clock that you can take apart *Check the 99c store
Drill and 3/8” drill bit
Spray adhesive
Clear packing tape

1.           Enlarge your image to 18x24.  Staples can do this easily for a few bucks. *This image is from a Dover book with mortised images that are perfect for clocks.
2.           Place your image inside the frame to decide where you want your clock to be placed.
3.           Drill a hole in the frame for your clock parts.
4.           With your image inside the frame cut out your oval in contact paper to use as your stencil for the florescent paint. *I cut out leaves and clovers and added them to the oval so that it would have some interest.  I placed one on the lower right corner and randomly.
5.           Peel and stick your oval and your flourishes to the frame.
6.           Spray paint the frame with the Krylon florescent paint and let dry for 5 minutes and carefully remove the contact paper.  If you’re having a hard time getting it off, take the tip of your craft knife to lift an edge.
7.           Place the cardboard inset inside your frame and cut out a hole in the area where your clock parts will fit.  My clock was square so I traced it and cut out the exact size.
8.           Spray mount your image to the cardboard inset and put it inside of the box frame.
9.           Poke a hole from the inside of your frame outward through the hole that you drilled.
10.        Remove your clock hands and push the little nubby thingy where the clock hands are attached through the hole that you drilled.
11.        Tape your clock in place with packing tape.
12.        Put on your clock hands and you’re done just in time.

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  1. I love this project! You're always such an inspiration, Mark.

  2. hi,
    that's really nice and simple process to make a wall clock specially for student which they can create as creative thing in school.