Thursday, March 8, 2012


Last week I had my assistant Will help me clean out my craft house a bit.  Wow can that guy organize! Underneath my cutting table he found a stash of shrines I had made years ago. Not even sure why I made them to be honest other than I was inspired.  Thought I'd drag them out, photograph them and share them with  you before they get hidden away again.  Since my new book, Vision Box Idea Book is out soon, this is the perfect time to share these ideas.  I hope you enjoy them!
Elmer's wood glue
Krylon spray paints
Elmer's glue all
Hammer and nails
Rubber Stamps
Wood scraps
Fabric roses
Votive holders
Buddhas from the 99c store
Popsicle sticks
 The base of this is made with 2x4 pieces left over from another project.  
 I always like to decorate the sides and the backs of my pieces.
 I love popsicle sticks and think they make a great base for this.
 I don't remember why I made this one, but I think it had to do with beauty.
 This is a double sided shrine made with wood scraps and tons of sequins.  The big images on the wall are large rubber stamps that I made for The Big Ass Book of Crafts vol. 1


  1. This would be a great idea for a summer kids project! They can gather up all the games with missing parts and pieces and the gazillion parts and pieces that seem to have accumulated in my craft room, maybe a clipboard to put them on and go to town! Thx for sharing! I like the skull one personally.

  2. These are great! Now I'm feeling inspired to make one. I always like to decorate the sides and backs of my projects, too!

  3. I love it. However the Dollar Tree doesn't sell non-christian items. Grr.

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