Monday, March 12, 2012

STITCHED ENVELOPES.......From Pulp Fiction: Perfect Paper Projects

One of my favorite things to do is sew paper.  My 2nd favorite thing to do is pick up damaged books on the street and try to give them another life. Pair those together and you get these lovely envelopes (which by the way also make a terrific gift in sets of 10) People will appreciate that you took the time to make them something special that they can actually use.  The bonus is you’ll definitely get one back in the mail when they send you a thank you card.  Is that so wrong?

4 book pages per envelope
Sewing machine with black or red thread (my personal favorites)
Pinking Shears (Fiskars is my brand of choice)
Seam tape in a color you like
Glue sticks

Here's my how to video!

 1.    Cut out 4 book pages and trim them to all the same size. Each side of your envelope will be 2 pages thick so it’s nice and stong.
2.    Cut 2 of the 4 pages about 1 1/2” shorter than the other two.
3.    Stitch across the top shorter pages with your sewing machine. 
4.    Cut above that stitch with your pinking shears.
5.    Place that stitched page on the larger pages and stitch around the entire envelope.
 6.    Pink around all the edges.
7.    Fold the flap over and seal with a glue stick once you’re ready to send it off.

1.    Cut out 4 book pages and trim them to all the same size

 2.    Cut 2 of the book pages about 3” shorter than the other two.
 3.    Stitch on the top and bottom of the shorter pages and the top and bottom of the larger page.
4.    Pink the edges just above where you stitched.
5.    Stitch the seam tape down the center of the larger piece.
6.    Place the smaller piece in the middle of the larger piece with the seam tape on the outside and stitch down the sides.
7.    Fold the flaps over and tie.

This project and 30 more in


  1. What a great idea. These turned out awesome. Thanks for another day of great inspiration. Thanks for showing me how to as well.

  2. Good Afternoon Mark ...Loved your tutorial on stitching paper ... I have never done this before so will have to give it a shot...ty bye for now and Happy Crafting

  3. Love,love,love this! Would look great with old, antique music sheets!

  4. Thank you Mark, for another great tutorial.

  5. Beautiful! I love these. Thanks for the awesome tutorial. I like Rhonda's idea of using sheet music too.

  6. I think this may be a must have book!!!