Thursday, May 24, 2012

Plastic Animal Crafts.......Fantastic!

Next time you see a bag of plastic animals at the 99c store, GRAB THEM! 
Come on, you know you want to.  Here are some ideas that might inspire you to take the plunge.  At the very least your kids will love them!
Thought these were really fun and then I started hopping around the web to see what else was out there.
These are just amazing.  My friend Kelly hasone on her desk (because it's pink) and she loves it.
Come on!  This in a kids room would be terrific!
Just sweet!
My favorite so far.
Drill out the back and add some dirt and a little plant and you're all set. What a wonderful centerpiece for a table!   This one I may have to try.

For over 150 more projects to pull your gown down, grab a copy of


  1. awesome!!! Did you see the FAB.COM site today? Someone is making jewelry with old barbie shoes (yes, you saw it correctly--Barbie Doll shoes!) and they are selling well plus have huge price tags!!!! I need to start something like that :)

  2. These are terrific. And I say not just for a kid's room...LOL!
    Jessica S

  3. I love these plastic animal adaptations!!

    Saw that ad for Barbie shoe jewelry and cried a little. Why didn't I (we, Roz) think of it first?

  4. The neon color-blocked animals are my faves. I love being able to have a cute, trendy accessory that didn't cost a full day's salary to buy.

    Not to toot my own horn (toot!toot!) but I made some faux bronze bookends using plastic animals from the dollar store: