Monday, June 4, 2012

Color BLAST!

I think it's always better to use the entire box of crayons, don't you? 
 Not sure where this was from but I thought it was a wonderful collage inspiration for all of the paper crafters out there.  Pretty sure that's TWIGGY behind the flowers.
Mosaic front dresser could be done with ripped pieces of colorful paper.  Use Minwax to seal it!
Painted leaves! Terrific Kid's project from  I have 5 younger brothers and more nephews and nieces than I can count.  I love this idea.  Make sure to press them between wax paper first!
The deep pink rug and walls are stunning!  The gold accents totally work.  
Such a terrific use of color blocking!  
I think a little Jackson Pollock on your shoes might be a really nice idea!
What a terrific mix of bright colors in a room.  I'm pretty sure this is from the 1970s.
Grab a copy! 


  1. I love the look, and so wish I could let loose with such reckless abandonment, but I can't seem to do it...

  2. Beautiful inspiration. Love that Shoes
    Hugs Nataliya

  3. I love the shoes too, and I'd say Twiggy is in the first pic. Great inspiration. Hugs lin

  4. Mark, you always find such great ideas for us, thank you. I really like the leaf paintings.