Monday, June 11, 2012


Many of you are planning a beach vacation this summer and I think it's time to start painting rocks again, don't you?  You don't need much really and you can always leave them there for some lucky person to find!  Everything from nail polish to acrylics can be used and all you need is a little imagination.  Here are some of my favorite rock artists to give you some inspiration.
 I love Ruth O'Connor's work because it's magical.
I really enjoy the colors she chooses, too.
Geninne'  Geninne is an amazing rock artist.  These are beautiful.
Lovely!  Wow, delicious colors.
I dig the colors! makes some realistic painted rocks with butterflies that look like they're about to fly away.
Alika Rikki paints these beautiful fish!  They could be characters in a Disney movie.
Old rock painted by a Russian Artist (and that's all I know)


  1. Thank you for sharing, love the owls best

  2. These are all wonderful. I really like Geninne's They remind me of petroglyphs for some reason. :)

  3. Thank you Mark, all these rocks are just beautiful.

  4. Thanks for this post, there are really beautiful creations here. Thanks to you I am in love with Ruth O'Connor's work now, but I can't find a link to her website/shop/blog. And there are millions of Ruth O'Connor showing up on Google. Would you be knid enough to provide me with a link please?

  5. great ideas for the grandkids the summer not sure they can do as beautiful a job..since all these different artist did fabulous jobs..