Tuesday, June 19, 2012

IT'S A BLAST! Glitter Blast Tuesday is here.......

Our bi-monthly contest for KRYLON GLITTER BLAST is here.
It's time for you to enter (and win) all of the colors of
spray paint from KRYLON
(Best selling craft book in the US!)
And....this week I'm also tossing in some fun crafting tools for you to enjoy!
 Just a few simple rules to enter.
And may the glitter be with you....
1. SHARE this on your FB page (by pressing SHARE)
2.  LIKE and COMMENT on the KRYLON FB page that I sent you!
3. SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE PAGE and comment on a video.
4.  COMMENT here that you've done it AND what your favorite spray paint project is.
5. LIKE The Big Ass Book of Crafts on Amazon.com.
Keep an eye out for the winner.  I'll post it here and on my FB page.  
It helps if you can leave a way for me to contact you, too!

It's not a rule this week, but join my blog if you haven't.  I'd love to have you here!


  1. Such a GREAT giveaway! Thanks Mark for the chance to win!! I have done all the above...liked Krylon's FB page, am a subscriber to your youtube page, liked your awesome book on Amazon!
    My favorite spray paint project is probably recycling garage sale finds and making them look brand spanking new again :)

  2. I can't believe I'm the 1st - it's not that early... Did it all, and ended up on Kryon Pinterest ideas - love some things there, like the yard stones sprayed using a mask - ot the purse made by spraying doiles. I can see glitter spray and doilies in my future. If I could just find some that is. thanks for sharing so great videos

  3. Hi Mark I did everything that you asked. My newest comment is on the clothespin crafts under siamesedream1976. Hmm. I love spray painting just about anything. Recently I spray painted a sculpey heart pendant silver that had me and my husband's thumbprints on it and I have it hanging in my car. I would love to try the glitter spray paint on some projects.

  4. Hey Mark I have followed all steps and am ready to have my name thrown in the pot.
    Thank you for doing this Mark and Krylon. bye for now and Happy crafting

  5. Mark Montano rocks how can one man be so darn talented ...He is amazing and crafty ta boot.

  6. I have completed all that is required, I am so wanting to win one of these tuesdays!
    i loved your video about envelopes i have been doing the same with old calenders, its so much fun and makes for some really cool snail mail as for the spray paint i am so loving spray painting my messenger bags that i spray paint on.
    thanks for the awesome opportunity

  7. I love Glitter Blast Tuesday! Happy to spread the word and shared a project over at Krylon using Twilight Sky! It adds the most magnificent touch to projects. I can't wait to try my next venture of mixed media using the other colors!
    Love your YouTube channel, too!
    Woo Hoo 156 likes on Amazon. . .
    ♪ ♫ ♪ ROCK ON \m/-_-\m/♪ ♫ ♪

    Jessica S

  8. All done. My favorite spray paint is Krylon of course. :)

    Thank you,
    Sar Tann sct6168@gmail.com

  9. woop woop! what a give away! I've shared, pinned, followed, joined........etc etc. glitter me!

  10. I did everything required...fingers are crossed hoping to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

    I love spray painting flower pots and lamps...making them wild and crazy ;)

    tbbycatt at gmail dot come

  11. I shared on my Page

  12. I did everything you asked. I love spray painting frames.

  13. Love this !!! I have done all of the above, Thanks for your help earlier mark.

  14. Hiya Mister Mark! Hope your Tuesday is going swell! :) I did everything you asked to be entered into the drawing! Thank you for the chance to win. I recently used some Krylon spray paint to redo a old wooden organizer I picked up at a thrift store. I added papers and stamps and it turned out great! Thanks again!

    Heather Lynn

  15. Did it all! I'm kind of a spray-painting novice, but I like the idea of sprucing up old furniture or making my picture frames the same color.

  16. Hello Mark,
    Liked the Big Ass Book at Amazon.com
    Went to Krylon and said Mark sent me.
    shared on my facebook
    am subscribed and watch your videos, just can't seem to comment on there.
    Would just love to experiment with all of the paint and of course to win your book, would be awesome.
    Teddie Seeley

  17. I did everything required. I like using spray paint on all those old need to look new things. Right now I have a metal chair I want to repaint.

  18. 1. Check 2. Check 3. Check 4. My favorite spray paint project is my Krylon Glttery paint footstool - love it! Check and
    5. Check Ready to win!
    donna underscore lynn underscore woods at hotmail dot com

  19. Love Glitter Blast, have to stock up whenever we find it. Used it last year on bases for our snowmen, and this year I glittered blasted leather for lettering on parade serapes for our equestrian royalty!

  20. Used Glitter Blast on leather to make letters for parade serapes for our equestrian royalty. They show up marvelously!!

  21. fabulous give away! I've only used the gold glitter blast so far and love it! Did all required...so happy to have found your site & videos! Love the painted flag shirt, I'm going to try that one!!

  22. Completed everything, liked, commented, etc. My favorite spray painting project: haven't tried the glitter paint, but love making faux mercury glass. Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. Love Glitter Blast Tuesday!!!
    Already a fan of Krylon, so I left a big, sparkly hello on their FB page for you Mark :)

  24. Have not tried Glitter blast yet but I love all things Krylon and can already think of ways to use this! I am following your blog, Subscribe to your youTube channel, liked your book on Amazon, shared on FB..and Liked Krylon on FB too. In other words, I did it all!! Thanks for your fun videos and this giveaway. My favorite spray paint projects are picture frames!
    kladd94803 at aol dot com

  25. I'm already subscribed to your YouTube channel. Watched you make a Princess Crown with Ivy - WHAT FUN!!!
    I'm still smiling :)
    Fab crown, clever recycling and ever so nice to watch you crafting together!!!

  26. My favourite spray paint project is to decorate frames and furniture - you can never have too much sparkle and shine around you every day!!!

  27. Had already liked your awesome book on Amazon and now I want to congratulate you on being the #1 Craft Book in the USA!!!
    Thank you for the chance to win a copy :)

  28. i have done it all , i even shared your you tube like about the flag screen on my fb page as well , love what you do !!!! thanks for the chance to win and try something new !!!
    Vanessa H
    hacienda heights ca

  29. Can't have too much paint or too many how to books... I have liked you on U-tube watched several videos... I gotta get a bunch of clothes pins!!!
    Love the Tyvek wallet... I use Tyvek when ever I am making books!!!

    I have been to Krylon on FB
    Shared on my FB
    previously I have liked your Utube
    watched the clothes pins and Tyvek Wallet this evening
    Liked Amazon Big AXX Book

    ANYTHING can be spray painted!!!

  30. I just bought a pot metal mermaid and plan to spray paint it a bright turquoise!!!

  31. i was just looking at your book...i'm a new follower. i think i'll like coming back here.