Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Unexpected.........and WONDERFUL

Some interesting transformations from around the world and web.  Enjoy and get inspired!  Plastic bottle makeover.
Love this. Elegant, pretty, simple. made these after seeing them in an Anthropology store display.
Here's a tip. They're Qtips.
I think this looks beautiful but I'm not quite sure how it works.
Paperclips! I'm feeling I might slip and fall, but the idea and look of this is
Wrapped, they become something else and I like that.
Plastic bleach bottles! I'm always blown away by people's creativity and the wonderful
ways we can recycle things we use every day.
Plastic Bottle Recycle Project
(not sure where this originated kiddos, but it's pretty interesting)
Almost looks IKEA.  
Could be made with paper?  Just thought.
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  1. Seriously inspirational pieces, loving the washers and the last project!

  2. When I see stuff like this I just smack my forehead and say "Why didn't I think of that?!" Great ideas. Recycling things in to useful and beautiful is so inspiring.

  3. Love the paperclip stair thing but I see myself falling down the stairs with that one. Also love the q-tip flowers.