Saturday, May 10, 2014

Frozen Inspired Floor Decor!

"Uncle Mark, can we watch Frozen?!?!"  Do I have a choice?  Not really!  Actually, the first time I watched it I did tear up a bit, but let's not get into that.  If you have kids around, there's a good chance they LOVE the movie Frozen.  I decided to create some Frozen home decor for my nieces in my bid to become FAVORITE UNCLE OF ALL TIME!  This floor mat is a great way to bring a little bit of Princess Anna and Queen Elsa's decor into a room.  I used Kraft-tex Kraft Paper Fabric which is a heavy duty paper and fabric all in one!  Coat it several times with polycrylic and you can easily wash it with soap and water.  Have fun!  "And yes, you can watch Frozen AGAIN!" 
Queen Elsa holding up her new painted floor mat!
Part of the castle that inspired this project.
Right by the door.
See the video tutorial here!

Print out of stencils above on standard copy paper
Americana Acrylics in Baby Pink, Slate Gray, Purple Cow & Baby Blue
Sewing machine
Minwax Polycrylic
 1.  Print out your stencils on standard copy paper.
2. Fold them in half and cut them out.
3.  Unroll about 30" of Kraft-tex Kraft Paper Fabric.
4.  Fold the four corners in 2". 
5.  Fold all edges inward 1" to create neat, finished corners.
6.  Zigzag stitch the edges down all the way around the mat.
7.  Lightly trace your stencils on the mat with a pencil.
8. Start to fill in your design with the Americana Acrylic paint. 
 Keep going!
9. When you're done painting, coat the entire mat with 3 coats of Minwax Polycrylic letting it dry for at least 15 minutes in between coats.
You're done! 

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