Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thurs-DIY......My weekly round-up of crafty goodness!

My favorite day of the week is here........THURS-DIY........The day I get to share what my creative friends have been up to all week long. Just like me, they toil away creating something new to share with you so that you can discover new ways to decorate, accessorize and spend some quality time.  Hop around and say hello to the gang, OK!

The marvelous Margot Potter makes stamped Charm Bangle Bracelets.  Margot is a stamped metal genius!
Debi Beard shows you how to make weathered boat wood........
This gal is amazing!  Make sure to check out her YouTube channel, too.  She'll have you in stitches.
This week I made boho style lampshades with Rit liquid dye and Dazzling Metallics painted lace....Here's how:
This project is for your Frozen obsessed kiddos!  Make Queen Elsa's Jewels from the movie Frozen!
Who knew you could get foam core at the 99c store?  Well, Heather did!  This week she shows you how to make a lamp with it.  Now that has endless possibilities!
Kathy Cano-Murillo (aka Crafty Chica) shows you how to make a Loteria pillow!  I actually want the entire set of these now.   I also want to have enchiladas with Kathy soon and talk about beads.  I love this girl!
Cathie Filian makes a beautiful statement necklace that looks good enough to eat! She always makes such terrific color choices and gets it just right.  Talent in spades, this girl has!
Cathy Attix rocks a paracord belt.  I love that she wears and uses the things she makes.  They're always up to the minute fashion statements that everyone can wear and enjoy.  Go Cathy!

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