Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bamboo Trivet Jewelry DIY

Have you seen the bamboo bead placemats and trivets at the dollar store?  I've been buying them for a while in hopes of designing the perfect project for them......and I finally did!  This spring, global style is the big trend and these beads were the perfect canvas for a painted, tribal jewelry DIY.  I love the simple black and white design, but you could also paint colorful polka dots, stripes or small flowers.....It's up to you. Just make sure to use Americana Acrylic paints.  This is a terrific project for kids, too.  
Stack up a few and you'll be right in step with spring fashion!
Try different color combinations, too.
My niece, Ani, rocking her new jewelry!
Some of what we're seeing in fashion this spring.
See the video tutorial here.
You'll Need
Americana Acrylics
Bamboo beaded trivets or placemats
Plastic beads
Nylon cord
Elastic thread
1. Take your trivet apart and separate the beads
2. Paint designs on each side of each bead in black.  Keep it simple. 
3.  Using white paint and a toothpick, dab tiny dots on the areas you painted black
4.  Add superglue to the end of your nylon cord.  This will make it stiff and you can use it like a needle to thread the beads. 
5. Alternate your painted beads and plastic beads to create your necklace
6.  Tie a knot when you're done and secure the knot with a tiny dab of super glue
7.  Pick out enough beads to wrap comfortably around your wrist
8.  String them together with elastic thread
9.  Tie knots and hide the knots inside one of the beads and you're done!