Saturday, May 17, 2014

Queen Elsa's Jewels from FROZEN!

Have FROZEN obsessed kiddos around the house?  Here's a quick and easy way to make Frozen accessories that won't break the bank.  This week we're taking a page out of Queen Elsa's style book and making a hair band, hair pins AND a snowflake medallion.  My fantastic assistant Danielle looks amazing as Elsa!  She even had this dress hanging in her closet which was perfect for our photo shoot.  Have fun a and stay cool!
Danielle as Queen Elsa

Pretty as a princess
Snowflake medallion......Fun for a slumber party craft night!

See the video tutorial
Americana Acrylic in baby pink and white
E-6000 glue
Stick on gems
Bobby pins
Plastic hair band
 1.  Paint your medallion baby pink and let dry.
2.  Glue on a snowflake with E-6000 glue (white glue won't work for this)
3.  Coat with DecoArt Craft Twinkles in Crystal
 4.  Add stick on rhinestone around the snowflake.
5.  Add a ribbon to the medallion and tie around your neck.
 6.  Paint a large chipboard snowflake white.  Here's a link to where you can get them:
7.  Coat it in more Craft Twinkles
8.  Glue snowflake confetti around the headband with E-6000.
9.  Add stick on gems to the snowflakes.
10. Glue on the large snowflake and more rhinestones.
11.  Glue the snowflake confetti to the ends of the bobby pins.  It helps if you put the pins on a small piece of cardboard.
12.  Add stick on gems or dabs of Craft Twinkles to the snowflakes and let dry.


  1. Hey :-) Mark,
    Popping over from
    I found you on you tube.
    Loooove the shoes you did on ThreadBangers.
    Your blog is Awesome.


  2. The headband is so cute! Adding the snowflakes pins along the hair is such a pretty idea :)

  3. The headband is so cute! Adding the snowflakes pins along the hair is such a pretty idea :)

  4. So cute! And such a fun craft for kids!

  5. Can you post a tutorial for putting elsa's clips after making braid that would help because the ends of bobby pins would appear and yeah I would appreciate if you can email me the link of the tutorial if you post it on and yeah the headband and clips idea is amazing keep it up mark montano