Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Artist Trading Cards DIY and SWAP!

I can't stop making ATCs..... Artist Trading Cards.  For me, making them is like taking a creative cigarette break without the smell and yellow teeth.  No offense to the smokers out there!
This month I'm hosting an ATC SWAP and contest to win DecoArt's Mixed Media Starter Kit.  I'm also showing you how to make your own rubber stamps using a heat gun and kid's sticky back foam.  If you would like to participate in my swap, simply write to me for the information at:
I'll send you everything you need to know.

 Just a few of the hundreds I've made over the last few months
A few of my new rubber stamps
Watch the video here!
Wood blocks
Sticky back craft foam
Stamp pad
White glue
Hot glue gun
Items with texture (I used a beaded appliqué)
Heat gun
Clip art
 Cut and stick 3 layers of sticky back foam to a wood block
Draw a design on cardboard
Trace over the design with hot glue
Heat your sticky foam wood block until the edges begin to curl
Firmly press the heated foam block onto the raised hot glue design to make your stamp
Spread a thick layer of paint on a flat surface
"Ink" your stamp with the paint and press onto a card
You can also use an ink pad with the stamps
Cut out clip art images and glue them to your stamped cards 
Paint around the edges with metallic paint and by rubbing the edges over the ink pad
Fill in the clip art images with more color
Add more stamping
Decoupage small pieces of paper, book pages and quotes 
Be creative and experiment!
A few of the cards I'll be sending out for the swap!
Make sure to write to me for more information at


  1. These are great! Can you make the stamps larger? like 8"x11"? Will a blow dryer work for the heat gun part?

    1. I don't see why not. Though I think you need to heat the foam pretty evenly so the smaller stamps work better. It might be hard to heat a large sheet.

    2. Hope it's not too late to get in on the swap. I am just trying to get into my creative groove after retiring for the 2nd time. I've wanted to try ATCs! I did send you an email for details. Thanks so much!

    3. I hope I'm not too late for the ATC swap. I have just retired for the 2nd time and I want to get back into my creative groove. I did send an email for the details. Thanks so much....and thanks for the opportunity to win.