Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Allure-ing Fabric Bracelet DIY

This is the perfect project to use those amazing fabric scraps that you just can't seem to toss!  Why not turn them into beautiful accessories and then add dimension to them with the new Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint from E-6000!  This is also a terrific way to add new life to some accessories that you're not wearing anymore.
Danielle wearing her new Allure-ing dimensional fabric bracelets!
Paint the inside of your bangles with colors that match the fabric
Stack them up!
Watch the short video tutorial here
Wood and metal bangles
 Wrap paper around the bangle to create a pattern
Trace the shape and then cut
Cut in fabric
Add Minwax Polycrylic to the bangle 
Adhere the fabric
Coat again with the Minwax Polycrylic
 Paint the wood bangles with Americana Multi Surface Satin
*Paint the edge and inside in different colors for some oomph!
Add Minwax Polycrylic to the outside of the cuff and adhere the fabric
Add more Minwax to protect
When the Polycrylic is dry, embellish with Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint and let dry
Love the mix of patterns and color here!

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