Saturday, January 31, 2015

Valentine's Day Candles

I love Valentine's Day but not for the reasons you might think. Ok, maybe it is for the reasons you think..... I LOVE CHOCOLATES! Every year my dad would buy my mom a HUGE heart filled with at least 100 chocolates. It was always beautifully decorated with satin, huge bows and tons of glitter. For years she saved every one of them in her memory closet.... until the divorce. That's when they were burned. But, I digress. When she got that box she would carefully cut each chocolate in half so that my brothers and I could find the ones we liked best.  
It will always be one of my favorite Valentine's Day memories. This year I'm making glittery pink and red candles to celebrate the holiday...... and eating tons of chocolates.
Happy Valentine's Day!  
Valentine's Day candles for your special night!
Mix all different sizes and patterns
Watch the short video tutorial here!
Tapered and/or regular candles
Fine gold glitter
White glue
Self stick labels
Hole punch
Paint the candles with chalky finish and let dry
Trace and cut hearts from the self stick labels
Glue them face down to the candles and let dry
Peel off the protective backing to expose the label adhesive
Roll in glitter and brush off excess 
For polka dots, use a hole punch
Glue the dots face down to the candles and let dry
Peel off the backing
Roll in glitter and brush off excess
For the tapers, paint stripes with white glue and sprinkle with glitter