Saturday, January 24, 2015

Simple Striped Spring Vases

A few years ago I found an old record player and decided to use it in my art.  It quickly became one of my favorite tools.  Recently I used it to recycle some plain glass vases I've been collecting (you know, the ones you get with delivered flowers).  Well, the results were fantastic! I decided to use Americana Gloss Enamels because they are dishwasher safe glass paints that and I wanted them to last.  The beautiful thing is that you can leave the vases translucent or add more coats for an opaque look.  Personally, I couldn't decide and made several.  Now get out there and find an old record player and have some fun, OK!  Try thrift stores and yard sales.
Striped and ready for spring!

Watch the video tutorial here!
An old record player
Glass vases
Rubbing alcohol
 Make a stack of cardboard disks the size of a vinyl record
Cut a hole in the center of one side to fit over the spindle
Clean your vases with rubbing alcohol
Tape a vase to the center of the cardboard
Pick your favorite colors of Americana Gloss Enamels 
Turn on the record player and start painting stripes
For an opaque look, wait about 30 minutes and give it a second coat of paint

For a translucent look, only use one coat of paint
Bake twice for 30 minutes at 325˚ letting the oven cool in between


  1. What a great idea!!!!! Wish I had an old record player, but I'm working on some kind of alternative. Thanks!