Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ginger Jars DIY

I have never been able to toss out a glass jar. NEVER!  I'm a glass jar addict.  It's probably because I love challenging myself with new ways to recycle them.  This ginger jar DIY is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to make with my old jars.  Paint them in any color to match your decor and then use them for trinkets, loose teas, coffees or creamers.  When I have a cabin in the mountains, you can bet I will have a wall filled with these!
My first trio photographed in the backyard

Watch the quick video tutorial
Glass Jars
Krylon Spray Paint in Metallic Gold and other colors
Printout of flowers
Glass marbles
Minwax Polycrylic Clear Coat
White glue

Flowers images I used for my jars
 Spray paint the jars in your favorite colors and let dry
Carefully cut out the flowers
Evenly spread white glue on the back of your cutouts
Position them on the painted jars
Coat them with Minwax Polycrylic to protect them
With E-6000, glue marbles to the center of the lids and let dry
*You could use a large bead
Spray paint the lids metallic gold
Outline the flowers with Allure Dimensional Design Adhesive Paint in Gold Leaf
Let dry and add the lids


  1. These are stunning! I've seen a few repurposed jar makeovers but these are more gorgeous than any of them. I would have never guessed they were a DIY!!

  2. I'm so in love these!! The tattoo style is really cool and colorful, and your outdoor pictures complement them so well!

    1. There is a plot of land behind my house that is perfect for shooting. It's right in the middle of LA. I love it!

  3. These are fabulous! I think the lid is what totally gives these the look of being store bought and not just "another recycled jar craft." :)

    1. Thanks for the comment Bethany. Much appreciated. Danielle (my assistant) was the one who insisted I paint the lids gold! She's the best.

  4. Love this idea painting th jars! I usually wrap them in paper::: gorgeous!

  5. Wonderful jars! I wanted to make sure I understood it correctly to be able to use as tea jars. I would assume that the paint is sprayed on the outside of the jars or the inside? Thank you.

    1. Yes, they are only painted on the outside so you can fill them with anything.

  6. I have a bunch of glass jars waiting for a project and now I have it. Thanks for such an easy, beautiful way to get presents done early.

  7. are you and your freaky ideas....great job!!!

  8. I love your work.. it's easy and so beatiful. Great ideas always.i've spend my hole weekend doing this,

  9. These are absolutely beautiful!