Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Thurs-DIY! 9 Colorful Projects For You!

Happy #Thurs-DIY everyone!  This week we have 9 colorful projects ranging from sparkly cocktails to colorful organizers!  Hop around and say hello to our new members, PLA and Vicki!
Tell them I sent you, OK.  Now go get inspired!

Margot Potter shares her favorite breakfast pick up......A Raspberry Champagne Cocktail 
called the ChamWow!  
PLA (our newest member) shares a colorful rainbow lazy susan organizer....
If I could only be that organized! 
Cathie Filian makes a perfect sweet treat gift for your favorite teacher:
Megan Andersen Read makes a healthy Beet Cake that also looks just beautiful!
I took a discarded headboard and turned it into a colorful bench for my back yard!   
Cathy Attix rocks a new BELIEVE graphic tee and I think Cher is going to want this!   
Tell Love and Chocolate makes the cutest paper fan drink stirrers......for your colorful cocktails!   
Vicki O'Dell takes me back to my childhood with a Porcupine Quill Necklace DIY! 
 I have always loved porcupine quills!    
Made by Carmona makes the perfect natural wood cut letter holder!  This is serious stuff here!

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