Wednesday, April 15, 2015


My friend Tiffany Windsor, Heidi Borchers and Savannah Starr just released a book 
called Creative Scarves!  It's colorful, festive and filled with inspiration from cover to cover.  The thing I like most about this book is that their techniques could be used on almost any piece of clothing!  They just happened to put these fabulous ideas on scarves.  There is seriously something for everyone in this book and it's worth a gander!
Creative Scarves
20+ Stylish projects to craft and stitch 
Tiffany, Heidi and Savannah
This chain stitched scarf is
one of my favorite projects from the book.  I think it looks 
like a piece of art.
If you're up to it, you can also learn how to finger crochet!
This heart embellished scarf is right up my alley!
Easy to follow, step by step photographs and instructions
for every project!

I'd recommend this book for your craft library
as it is filled with inspirational ideas that can be 
incorporated into every aspect of crafting!


  1. Thanks so much for being on the tour! xoxo

    1. The pleasure is all mine. I adore Tiffany and wish her much success.

  2. Thanks for joining in my #creativescarves blog tour Mark! You have picked some of my favorites to feature! Sending lots of love and big hugs your way!

    1. Tiffany, you've got me embroidering again. Wishing you all the success in the world and many more books to come. xoxo