Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Beautiful Metallic Tyvek Beads DIY

I get tons of Tyvek envelopes in the mail and one of my favorite things to do with them is make beads!  Just cut them into long triangles and add some heat....It's that easy!
Plus, you can make them in almost any size and color.  Wrap them with wire and beads and you have something truly wonderful for your jewelry projects.
Have fun!  xo, Mark
I got a little carried away making these! 
A close up of my wire wrapped beauties 
Watch the short video tutorial here!
Tyvek envelopes (Fed ex and USP use them)
Heat gun (or very hot hair dryer)
Wood skewers
Wire cutters
Straight pins
Cut your envelopes in 6" wide pieces
Paint them with several different colors of DecoArt Dazzling Metallic paints
Cut them in long triangles that are about 1" - 2" at the base
Roll them around a wood skewer and pin in place
Heat them until they start to melt
Cut 6" wire pieces with wire cutters
Add beads and wrap around your beads 
*Make sure to bend in the sharp ends


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you like them Francine! Let me know if you make some!

  2. Stunning! I've made lots of paper beads, but not metallic, they're to die for. Xx

  3. Love these and look so easy to make. Can't wait to make some and add to my art quilts.

  4. Hi Mark as usual another wonderful tutorial. Any idea what a similar product would be here in Oz? Of course we have our padded postal bags here but I'm pretty sure it's just a thicker envelope with bubble wrap inside. Is this what your Tyvek bags are made of too? Thanku. Massive fan by the way 😊

    1. Tyvek is made all over the world. They use it to wrap houses when they are constructing it. So, check out a construction site or your local hardware store. They will have it. You might also take a peek at this video: https://www.instagram.com/p/B03WBX4H373/