Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy Thurs-DIY!

My favorite day of the week (that ends in "Y")
Happy Thurs-DIY everyone!  Check out the funky fun stuff we have to inspire you this week.
I'm in LOVE with the potato print aprons and the dollar store doll storage by PLA.
Have fun and make stuff!
xo, Mark

Margot Potter makes a perfect DIY Happy Banner!
Step out in style with this easy to make 3 Step Kimono
Cathy Attix shows us how to make a sparkly braided bracelet!  
Vicki O'Dell shares a perfect upcycled project for earth day!  
Make beautiful metallic beads with recycled tyvek envelopes from the post office!
Cathie Filian make Mother's Day baby blocks....just perfect!  
Pla makes the cutest rainbow doll storage containers....Perfect for any little girl's room (and mine)
Hello Wonderful makes the cutest aprons with potato stamps!

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