Friday, April 3, 2015

HUGE Rubber Stamps, Mixed Media Envelopes and an Artist Trading Envelope Swap!

Big Big week!  I'm hosting an ATE SWAP and if you want to get involved, e-mail me at This week we're making HUGE rubber stamps with kids sticky foam and we're making mixed media envelopes with them. They're like mini canvases and they're super fun to trade with other artists. I really hope you join us.
A few of my favorites!
Preparing for the trade
Some of my HUGE rubber stamps!
Watch the video tutorial here
Standard size envelopes
Embossing folders (mine are from Spellbinders)
Kids sticky foam letters
Sheets of sticky foam
Old credit card or hotel key
3 1/2" x 6 1/2" wood blocks (or bigger)
 For the first stamp just press on tons of sticky foam letters to a wood block
For the next stamp cut two pieces of foam the size of the block
Stick them both to the block, one on top of the other
Using the protective paper, iron the foam until the edges curl
Quickly press the foam on top of the embossing folder
Use as much weight and pressure as possible!
Sometimes I even stand on mine for a minute
 To make the envelopes:
Slip an embossing folder into an envelope and create a rubbing
*Like you did when you were a kid
Scoop some paint onto an old credit card and scrape it across the envelope-
front and back
Stencil over everything with another color and let dry
Coat your large rubber stamp with another color of paint
Press on to the envelope
*I like to wipe my large stamps with a damp rag after use to keep them in great shape
 If you want you can
1.  Zigzag around the envelope with a contrasting thread
2.  Stitch fuzzy yarn around the edge of the envelope
3.  Put a fine tip on a bottle of paint and add dimension
4. Use glue and glitter to add some sparkle
Finally, add copied images and another wash of color!


  1. i would love to see you demonstrate on Create and Craft TV.

    1. Well Linda, you should be my agent and give them a call on my behalf! xoxo!