Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fashion Sketching 101

Before I landed on TV or even wrote my first book, I was a fashion designer with my own boutique in the East Village of NYC.  I loved it!  I showed my collections every six months during NY Fashion Week and became the youngest member of the CFDA at the time.  It was magical.  The best part of creating each collection was letting my imagination run wild and sketching like a madman.  When you're sketching, there is nothing off limits....NOTHING!  See how I sketch in the video below and then sketch along with me by printing out the croquis that I use.
Have fun!  Make fashion! xoxo, Mark
This collection was called WOMEN OF THE MET and this dress
was my version of the Degas painting Singer In Green
Singer In Green by Degas
All of these dresses were versions of dresses in paintings at the Metropolitan Museum in NYC
Having some fun this weekend

See how to fashion sketch here!
Stuff You'll Need
Americana Acrylics (perfect for adding a bit of color)
Croquis (click and print)
Fashion magazines (to help learn how fabric falls)
Some of my recent sketches
Getting ready to add some color
Try practicing with fashion magazines


  1. You are amazing. Love the inspiration to draw.TFS

  2. Hi Mark
    My daughter and I just watched the video and wow you are so talented. My13 year old is very interested in design and works on sketching every day. She wanted me to ask you what kind of pencils and paper you use. Thanks Mark

    1. Hey Deezie! Tell her to use plain copy paper (it's cheap) and whatever pencils she likes. She'll find what works for her and it's different for everyone.

  3. Love Love Love your precious girls ♥ Hope you don't mind me trying to recreate them with some acrylic paint on canvas. Hobby painting is so much fun and keeps me out of trouble, ROFL.
    Seriously you are so talented, creative, and gifted Mark. It is such a pleasure to see your work coming alive. Love your style of drawing as well, you make it look so simple as it comes to you so naturally gifted.
    Thank you so much for sharing all these tips and secrets in a whole new world of art for me and others as well. Many blessings to you and peace be with you always.


    1. You're awesome Carolyn! Have fun and make sure to share the results!

  4. It's Vennilove. I will definitely be doing this in my spare time ☺️☺️☺️

    1. Make sure to show me what you come up with Venni! Have fun!

  5. I adore all your inspiration videos. ♡♡♡

  6. You are so talented and creative!

  7. You are so talented and creative

  8. Your very talented I don't understand why you closed your boutique in NYC. Anyway I find you motivating and inspirational. Thank you. I'm 55 years old and want to learn how to sketch based on what you've shown in your video...even if it's just for myself for fun!

  9. LOVE this! Mark, like I've said on Youtube (as Witchy1976), this is awesome. I love the drawings!

  10. This blog is amazing =) The only complain I have is that when I watch your videos here, I cant thumbs it up =( And I really want to =) You are truly talented =)