Friday, November 27, 2015

Easy Holiday Decorating

I have tons of clear glass vases from who knows where!  They just seem to pile up year after year. This year, in my attempt to make everything merry and bright, I decided to break out the Krylon stained glass paint and some Allure and deck my halls!  Hey, if you want to skip the stained glass paint, that's fine.  I saw beautiful red glass vases a few days later, for next to nothing.
Happy decorating!  xoxo, Mark
I've officially decked my halls!
This would make a wonderful gift for a friend!
See how easy it is here!
Stuff You'll Need
Flat back gems
Glass vases
E-6000 glue
Paint your glass vases with the stained glass
*Or skip this step and buy a colorful vase
Start decorating with Allure
*Careful not to smudge as you circle the vase
Glue on gems with E-6000 and let dry
Add more Allure until you're satisfied with your design
Try this on all different shaped vases
Merry Christmas!


  1. This is so pretty! I have decorated a mason jar with the similar technique! You can see here :

    I hope you will like the idea :)
    Have a great day!

  2. I doubt it Mark but thanks for the encouragement. I will try it...

    1. Just practice a little and you'll get the hang of it. :)


  3. these are just so darn gorgeous*** I am really loving them
    you always come up with the best ideas

  4. fantastic Mark! Thanks for collabing with me on CRAFTmas!

  5. These are absolutely stunning, I am in awe. Gorgeous job.

  6. These are really cute! I have done quite a few painted glass jars candle holders over the year, there is no such thing as having too many of these. I use them year round in my decor.

  7. Hola! Quick question here regarding the E6000 allure paints. I can obviously see that you're very fond of them and the projects you're doing with them are amazing. However I am having trouble locating them and not only that, they don't come as a set and are a little expensive to get a good starter kit built plus shipping. Is there another product that you could recommend in the interim? I really want to make the ornaments and these candle holders like yesterday and I played around with rangers liquid pearls And also tulip beads in a bottle. Unfortunately I have to choose between my lupus meds or these awesome paints and I'd much rather have the paint but I'm kinda needing those meds to survive lol! Do you think another medium could work? Say....Something I could purchase with a 50% off coupon in a local craft store??? Lol

    1. Honestly, whatever works for you. These are the products I recommend and they work for me. I'm a brand loyal kind of guy, but there are other things on the market the work just fine. Use what you want and have a blast!