Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ikea Hack Kate Spade Desk DIY

LOVING the Kate Spade furniture and lighting lately, but just not loving the prices.  Sooooooo I decided to hack a few things and see if I could get the same look for less.  You know, the old High/Low challenge!  As much as I wanted the original $3,500 desk, I thought I could save some cash and make a similar version with the Alex desk from Ikea.  Um, as you can see, they're pretty similar and I'm just fine having spent less than $200 on the entire project.  Now you can, too.  Unless, of course, you're loaded and you really want to spend that much on a polka dot desk.
Have fun!  xoxo, Mark
The original Kate Spade desk
My version with slightly different hardware
I used barrel bolts to get the same feel as the Kate desk and I'm pretty happy with them
See the short video tutorial here!
Stuff You'll Need
Alex desk from Ikea (or your own)
Soft bristle brush
3/4" daubers
Center and screw in the barrel bolts in the center of each drawer
Clip tiny divots in the dauber
*Kate's polka dots aren't perfectly round
Stir the Maxx Gloss thoroughly
Test the dauber on piece of paper to get the hang of it
Paint polka dots on the top of the desk
Paint the legs in solid black with a brush

Looks perfect with my Kate Spade inspired polka dot lamp!


  1. Hey Mark, another awesome hack!! Thanks so much for sharing! Love ya' Patricia B

  2. Yes Mark, this looks really cute!
    I loved.
    Xx from Brazil

  3. Really cute- I've got a desk that has drawers instead of "stick frame" legs. Any suggestions as to how to approximate the look?

    1. I would paint the entire desk in the dots and the small legs in black.

  4. Thanks Khadija! Always great to see you on here!

  5. Great as usual Mark! Just checked KS's table out and it is now on sale for just over $3000. LOL. Your videos are easy to follow and fun to watch!!

    1. Hey Susan, thanks for the comment. I noticed it was on "sale", too! Still too much for my blood! Now what to do next? :)

  6. AWESOME ... I love to turn trash into treasure whenever possible! But what's better than watching a PRO turn "trash" into treasure! You did a FABULOUS job, as always. If this was purple ...whew... I'd be on my way to pick it up! Yes, I am a purple fanatic. Thanks for inviting me to your awesome blog. I wouldn't have expected anything less from an awesome person. Be Blessed.

  7. Time to put my hubby to work! Haha. Great tutorial. :)

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  8. Thanks so much for this. I love the kate spade desk but for $3K its not possible! This will be weekend project soon!

  9. Thank you!!! I've been looking for this hack and finally found it! :D

  10. Hi I love this polkadot desk! I have a desk that has an overhead hutch all in white the hutch has three compartments that can hold three different file holders about 3“ x 4“ I was thinking of painting the desk polkadots any suggestions on what to do with the hutch area ? Thanks Jen

    1. I would leave it white or possibly paint it a contrasting color.....But I'd probably keep it solid.