Friday, November 13, 2015

Salon Talk with Mark and Julie

My fab assistant and I work like DAWGS......There's just no other way to say it. Now don't get me wrong....I LOVE my job....LOVE it!  However, between shopping for supplies, filming, editing, moving equipment and staging our photo shoots, we barely have time for lunch.  In our attempt to make work a little more FUN, Julie suggested that we paint each other's fingernails (and have salon talk) for a collab video.....Of course I was game.  Come on!  Why should girls have all the fun?  Plus, let's face it, there is nothing craftier than Japanese Decoden fingernails!  Make sure you head over to Julie's channel to see how she painted my nails.  Gotta say, I think she did an amazing job!
Have fun.  xoxo, Mark

See me decorate Julie's nails here!
Watch Julie paint my nails here!
Feeling bad-ass after Julie rocked my nails!
I cheated and made most of Julie's nails before we filmed.
Let's just say Julie can be fidgety!

Julie did a fab newsprint technique on my nails....I actually really liked it!
Make sure to head over to her channel to see how she did it.
Stuff I Used
Tiny flat back gems
Tiny plastic flowers
Acrylic nails
Glam fingernail glue
$ store earrings
Galaxy glitter
Cheap nail polish in black, silver glitter and clear
I taped the acrylic nails to a chopstick so that I could decorate them first
Tape or glue them to the finger
Add the small plastic flower toward the base
Add green and clear rhinestones with tweezers
Dollar store earrings make terrific decoration
*Break off the back first
Add glitter polish to the tips so you can see what you're painting
When wet dip into fine glitter
Coat the entire nail with clear coat


  1. They look amazing. How adorable are those cute lil' bow earrings? ❤❤❤❤

  2. Hey Mark, you did an amazing job with those nails!! Love ya' Patricia B

  3. I had a little too much fun making them! Although, it was much harder than I thought it would be. They're very small!