Friday, April 15, 2016

Trash To Treasure Marquee Letters!

I admit it, I'm a dumpster diver....If I see something amazing sticking out of a dumpster, I will dive in there and fish it out!   Recently on my morning run I saw a ton of discarded styrofoam sticking out of a dumpster on my path and for the next hour I thought about what I could make with it.  Just as I passed it again on my way home, it came to me.....MARQUEE LETTERS!  I grabbed it and hauled it home!  My favorite part of this project was teaming up with and using their amazing library of patterns to print out and cover my letters!  This month is having a Creative Rewards Month and is offering 6 months of unlimited downloads for $39!  That's almost 90% of the regular price, which is $49 per month.  They seriously have thousands of royalty free patterns and photos for you to choose from.  Use them for your website, your designs, they even have amazing adult coloring book patterns.  Just click HERE for this very special deal! 
From trash to treasure!
Gifts for all of my friends (and one for my desk)
Slapped on a fence because, why not?
See how easy they are to make here!
Stuff You'll Need
Printed patterns from
Large print out of a letter
Gold Glitter
Small spray bottle
Metallic gold paint marker
Here's How
1.  Print and cut a large letter
2. Trace it on the smooth side of the styrofoam
3. Using your styrofoam cutter, carefully (and slowly) cut out the letter
4. Print your patterns from
5. Trace the face of the styrofoam letter face down on the back of the printed pattern and then cut out
6. & 7.  Paint the edges of the styrofoam letter with the metallic gold paint
8. & 9. Coat the edges of the letter (over the paint) with Americana Decoupage
 and then cover with glitter
10.  Mist both sides of the paper letter with a spray bottle to relax the paper and then decoupage to the face of the styrofoam letter
11.  Place something flat on top for a few minutes while it dries
12.  Edge the letters with a metallic gold paint marker
*Keep your glitter from getting everywhere by adding another layer of Americana Decoupage 
over the glitter
Julie, Mark and Brandon!


  1. Thanks for directing me here, Mark. This project is awesome, I've been looking for a long time for a way to make these letters. Thanks for the detailed instructions, it must have taken a lot of work!

    1. Believe it or not M.C. they were pretty easy to make. I enjoyed the process very much actually.